what if someone gently took his tiny hands and said
“hey man don’t you see all the trouble that you’ve caused? cmon and just say you’re sorry real sorry”
sausages are the creatures’ flesh ground up and stuffed back into its own intestines
hey i heard you like capitalist white men and winners so i put your winner in your winner you know what i mean?
maybe he just doesn’t believe in love
i keep imagining myself in a surgery class holding a piece of skin between each thumb and forefinger
peeling it back from their poitrine
peering into the scoops of their ribs

ponies puppies mary and joseph kissing in a tree
joseph’s dad works in a sears outside philadelphia
the devil visits but can’t be bothered
takes a greyhound to nashville, smokes top cigarettes
greyhound stops in chatanooga the lights are green as you’d expect the bugs die in a buzz as you’d expect the air smells like pecans
he meets a mermaid who’s sold her voice
he gifts her margarita’s summer coat
stabs the tires, watches them exhale slow
thick skin. a solid inch. like when you see half a pig hanging in a store
flaps back thickly, wants to flip back closed
if you hugged him you’d fit inside his ribs