Over the month of January 2016, we collected footage and interviews on life and art in Cuba. Our interview subjects include artists at various levels of political discontent, expatriates who have settled in Cuba, members of the tourist economy, and parents whose children have left the country. The resulting film is an experimental documentary of our journey there, and the inevitable comparisons made with "back home." See samples below:

Music: Olu Odubrio, "throw_6" (Soundcloud @GUMMO.)

An accompanying video installation will be a creation under the broader concept and project of the director, called "Rooms of Elsewhere." The film and the installation would share footage and act as a sort of "inter-media" series: episode one being the installation, and episode two, the film, which is the version of this project where the visitor/viewer simply sits and follows the story we have to tell, after having the chance to walk around the streets on their own through the installation.


Rooms of Elsewhere: Bohemian Forest

The piece will be created as a time-based experience, where every day of the installation, visitors will have a sense of being “born” into a new slice of the world. This version of the project would depict various moments in the life of a Czech forest, which in 2014 exists as a flat grassland covered in tall thin trees, no underbrush to keep your vision from slicing through the distance, in the slots between the trees. Re-created with objects, smells, videos and performers, visitors drop into a hyper-sensory recreation of tree-time and the people who have walked through, with the whisper of a story that visitors can choose to follow or not as they explore the place contained in the Room of Elsewhere. 

Churches in small rooms

Immigrant churches often meet in whatever buildings and rooms they can. Whole-y holy